Our Philosophy


Agriculture is a passion, not a profession – and we believe it is for every one of our growers as well.


Our philosophy is underscored by three pillars – Seed, Conservation, Recreation.

The first is seed. While optimal performance is a function of a lot of variables including farm management, access and application of data, input selections and seed treatment, we believe it fundamentally starts and ends with seed.

Because of this, we are first and foremost committed to ensuring we maintain access to the broadest possible range of germplasm providers and work to ensure we rigorously test and control every aspect of the production process. This ensures our seed works where it matters most – on your farm. This also means we don’t produce for national distribution and then plot-test our way to the subset that works best locally. Rather, our entire R&D process is designed to produce product lines bred to perform locally in the markets we serve.

The second pillar is conservation. Agriculture is a passion, a way of life and for most of us a family legacy. In the end, the amount of land available to us all is finite.

We believe strongly in stewardship and sustainability. The continual integration of digital Ag coupled with our on-farm philosophy and localized R&D methodology means more effective and efficient farming practices but this is just part of the equation.

We’re committed to curating a line of cover crops and wildlife seed that enable growers to continually restore and sustain soil quality and the natural ecosystem surrounding the farm.

A core part of our philosophy as a company is that high-quality, high-producing farming operations, no matter the size and scale can be fun again.

Our hope is that our model of on-farm partnership and commitment to relieving the pressures and complexities of today’s farming environment will enable our growers to rest easier and focus more on their families, communities and pastimes.

For us, one of those pastimes is duck hunting. So much so that we’ve brought the same passion we bring to agriculture to the innovation and manufacture of game calls. Visit our sister companies Buck Gardner Game Calls and Rolling Thunder to learn more.