Our proprietary Local Intensive Field Testing (LIFT)
methodology and our rigorous and proven production
standards results in the best possible seed
products for your farm and location.


By design we aren’t tied to any one germplasm provider, technology or trait package. Rather, our model allows us to continuously evaluate the full breadth of options available at any given time as well as diligently monitor the innovation pipeline.

Our only goal in establishing partnerships with germplasm providers is that they enable strong on-farm performance and meet a gap we have validated within a local market we serve.

Our proprietary research and development process, called LIFT (Local Intensive Field Testing), is the primary way we match the right product with the local need.

LIFT (Local Intensive Field Testing)

LIFT is our proprietary research, development and production methodology. A lot of brands promise to match the right product to your farm but their scale and traditional product selection processes make this more a game of chance than a practice of precision.

This is because most of these companies stockpile products that have been selected to perform reasonably well everywhere they do business. Then, through regional testing, they align and prioritize products by geography.

LIFT is engineered to be different from the start. First we don’t produce products and then test locally. We repeat our entire process from early-stage germplasm evaluation to pre-production testing and selection to full production at the local level. While the process is the same across the company, each LIFT research location is like a "small batch seed company" making sure every product is individually matched and suited to the local need.

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Current LIFT Markets

We’re proud to have LIFT locations and offer premium performing products
across the Mid-South, South and Mid-Atlantic coast.